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Cleaning | Equipment | Detergents | Disinfections

Contract Cleaning

We offer unparalleled service to a wide range of clients in the day to day cleaning services.


Our work includes preparation and restoration of surfaces, flood damage, high pressure cleaning

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Contract Cleaning
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House Keeping Services

We provide housekeeping services to the hospitality and healthcare industries.


We have the right expertise and experience to meet your house keeping requirements.

By outsourcing this function to us, our clients save on costs such as salaries, benefits, machines and chemicals. Let us do the dirty work while you focus on growing your bottom-line.

House Keeping

Cleaning Chemicals

We have a wide range of eco-cleaning products.


At SanServ Hygiene we have a wide range of eco- friendly cleaning products and registered disinfectants to suit your environment. Our chemicals are quality certified. We have a range of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals that best suit specialized industries such as the food processing and health care industry.

We Manufacture and Distribute:

Industrial chemicals

Household detergents

Registered disinfectants

Mining chemicals

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Cleaning Equipment

Robust and affordable cleaning equipment.

SanServ Hygiene offers a range of robust and affordable cleaning equipment guaranteed by our international partners. Carefully engineered to suit your needs.

Washroom Supplies

Taking care of waste disposal in an environmentally friendly way.


Taking care of your waste-disposal in an environmentally friendly, economical and efficient way is vital to your day-today operations. Our on-site waste management team will expertly assess your various waste management needs and the right ways to recycle, reduce and efficiently remove it. We offer sanitary and red bins disposal services to a wide range of clientele.


Sanitary bins

Waste bins


Air fresheners


paper towels



We run training courses throughout the year for our staff.


Sanserv runs training courses throughout the year for our staff and to support our customers in not only gaining knowledge about our Green Cleaning products but also gaining insight into the industry best practice and technology.

Our training courses are specially developed to meet the industry’s needs. We regularly introduce new topics as dictated by international trends and where we see gaps in


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